It's a relief to see that Warner Bros. decided to subtly address the Gay Superman issue in their blockbuster's one-sheet rather than just let unseemly questions about his sexual preference linger and shift the focus away from the product. And as we suspected, it seems clear that this won't be the movie where the caped hero grapples with the one supervillain he can't defeat with heat-vision or a powerful blast of icy breath: doubts about his heterosexuality. Yes, Jor-El's kid is suspended above an imposing geological representation of a phallus, but he's merely pausing for a moment before flying away from the peninsula penetrating deep into the "man" of the title, a sure repudiation of any cryptohomosexual agenda. This poster is, of course, merely the first in a series that will more clearly narrate the hero's journey of self-discovery, building to a final, powerful image of Superman flying confidently through the gapingly vaginal Gateway Arch, telling us all we need to know about this latest incarnation of the Man of Steel just before the movie's release.

UPDATE: Sometimes we wonder why we even bother.

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