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Craig (you know, Craigslist Craig) just posted the first known photo of Shawn Fanning and Bram Cohen together. As Craig says on his blog, the Napster founder and BitTorrent founder had never met until last night's Wired Rave Awards. Craig captured the historic meeting on his Treo.

"It's funny," said BitTorrent spokeswoman Lily Lin, "because papers would always call and say, 'We're doing a story on Shawn Fanning. What does Bram think of Shawn?' And I told them, 'Well, he's never met Shawn.'"

For the record, Shawn's slimmed down and toned up since we last reported his weight. You should see this guy in a tee — the boy's got BFGs.

Shawn Fanning and Bram Cohen at Wired Rave party [Craig Newmark's blog]