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Shawn Fanning shows up at San Fran club Dolce and gets spotted by a reader — one who's really asking for an ass-kicking from the Napster founder.

Was at this club in the city called Dolce. lo and behold Shawn Fanning rolls in...with hat...of course. Nobody recognizes, which I think dissapoints him, so he sits in the corner by himself and waits. Looking disgruntled. I find one of my single friends and tell her who he is...3 minutes later, they're all over each other. In the corner, on the dance floor, everywhere. He's a terrible dancer....25 minutes later, they leave me the matchmaking muthafucka.

Hey, tipster, you recognized Shawn. And by the end of the night, so did that friend. Maybe he can thank you for a little peer-to-peer action.

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Photo: Shawn and Bram [Anil Dash on Flickr]