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  • Sun promises to make Java open source. It will be the loss leader for a lovely set of Sun steak knives. [VNUnet]
  • Blue Security dies. USA Today publishes graph showing the Blue Frog mascot being slowly cooked. [Washington Post]
  • "I wouldn't take that so literally." — Yahoo CFO Susan Decker, about projected revenue of $4.6 billion to $4.85 billion. Apparently those numbers were metaphorical. [CNN Money]
  • Napster almost made money this quarter. Who'd have thought that an RIAA-approved walled garden piggybacking off the brand recognition of a stick-it-to-the-man filesharing network wouldn't be a cash cow? [CNET]
  • Oh, looks like the Internet is just for child porn. At least on Orkut. [Bloomberg]