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Our operatives' ongoing attempts to chronicle the comings and goings of former Are You Hot? host Lorenzo Lamas once again merit attention in a special feature, which we've temporarily christened Hollywood LamasWatch for the duration of this item in honor of the gloriously maned, syndicated renegade:

Lorenzo Lamas was seated in the Economy section of my BA flight from London Heathrow to LAX on Monday. I'm not sure I would have noticed him if he hadn't stood in the aisle for quite some time running his fingers through his perfectly coiffed hair. His presence made the very long flight a bit more enjoyable as my friends and I spent a great deal of time considering what hair products he must use to render his do utterly unmoved after so many hours crammed into a very uncomfortable space. (By the way, surely the masterpiece that was Renegade must have given him enough cash to upgrade?!?)

A very old English granny type did approach him to express her admiration and he seemed quite charming. He did actually linger outside the
bathrooms for quite a while, but so did I because I'd lost all feeling in my legs while sitting in my seat at one stage.

You will undoubtedly be relieved to find out that Lamas and his septuagenarian admirer did not retire to the cramped, onboard w.c. for the kind of quickie that was suggested the last time he appeared in this space—not because he'd ever turn down a fan's affection, but rather due to the fact that he feels allowing a groupie to punch his Mile High Club membership card anywhere but under a tiny airline blanket at his assigned seat is the mark of an amateur.