Keeping the usual gang of Gillmors straight takes a full team of analysts, what with Marc Canter in the mix. So thank the Valley gods that a journalist charted them out for Valleywag.

Marc CanterDave WinerSteve Gillmor
Frequently misspelled as...CantorWhinerDan
Lifetime AchievementFounded MacromediaDefined third most popular version of RSSGesturebank?
Tagline"Whooooooooo!""Coooooooooooooool.""The publisher garners economic value from the vote, data to be sold to advertisers for use in extrapolating the relationship between..."
Don't Ask About"Open marriage" listing on OrkutAdam CurryGooglefight score against his kid brother
Nutty ProfessionBizarre scheme to pay bloggers for advertorial.Bizarre belief he's neck and neck with The New York Times.Bizarre refusal to link to other blogs.
DestinyWill eventually make you his friendster.Will eventually make you his enemy.Will eventually make you sleepy.

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