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Get your game on and don't fuck with the Jesus! One of the Web 2.0 crowd forwarded this invite to the Valley's new dot-com bowling league. E-mail prefixes redacted to prevent spam.

From: Vinnie Lauria
Date: May 19, 2006 5:07 PM
Subject: Bowling 2.0
To:,,, Seth Sternberg ,,,,,,,,,,
Cc: Paul Bragiel

Is that the smell of bowling shoes and varnished floors I smell in the air?
Bowling 2.0


I think so... we're starting a little web2.0/startup bowling league out here in the valley. We looking for some friendly competition, and who knows, maybe some cash prizes to go along with bragging rights.

So do you think your team has got what it takes? Meetro has been staffing bowling ringers for months now preparing for this moment. This would be a weekly league, with teams around 4 ppl (all teams should be the same size.) Typical leagues run 10 weeks, but that might be too much commitment for some (hell, startups live and die in that about of time.)


So if you think you're company is interested, please send me a note. Details to follow.

Feel free to pass this on to other companies, but I may have to close off the invite list at some point.

I haven't even mentioned the best part.... Bowling shirts with your name and company logo... Now you can finally fit in with that hip swingers crowd.

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Vinnie Lauria
Meetro HQ