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Though Cargo is long dead, it refuses to be forgotten, and this time it's the issue of subscribers and their replacement publication. A reader writes:

Cargo sent me a darling little postcard saying goodbye, and telling me I can look forward to Wired in its place.

I thought I was getting GQ. What will I do without GQ??

And why? Cargo and GQ at least share a target audience, at least in their fantasies (hip, rich, sensitive straight dudes who read—-and LOVE to SHOP!—-are a rare breed). But Wired?

What gives? Did Conde abandon the GQ plan in favor of Wired? Or did they split up the subscription list, assigning mags according to address or demographics? Chelsea boys get GQ, and Wired goes, we've no clue. Never quite understood who, besides our boss, reads that one.

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