Anderson on 'Oprah': Spoiler Alert!

Our friends at Jossip are on location in Chicago this week, where naturally they're doing things they don't do on Broadway. Among those things: Watching Oprah at 9 a.m., its timeslot in Ms. Winfrey's home market. Today's big interview with Anderson Cooper won't air for another four hours here in New York, but little Jossie generously provides a sneak peak — from which we learn that, apparently, nothing interesting transpires.

Anderson talks about his brother's suicide. Anderson comes from a fancy family. Gratuitous emoter Oprah admits her fondness for the gratuitous emotion of Anderson. Yada yada yada. It doesn't sound like Anderson says anything he hasn't said before — you know, whatever that might be — nor does it sound like Oprah pushes him to break any new ground. Well, except for this: "My brother and I used to wear costumes all the time.... We were obsessed."

Yes, "obsessed" is one word for it.


Laughing and Crying With Anderson Cooper and Oprah [Jossip]