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The Scoop delves deeper into the mystery of Britney Spears' abrupt distentanglement from Kabbalah's red, stringy web of trendwhore spirituality, suggesting the fake religion may have nudged the donation basket her way one time too many:

"She's tired of the way [Kabbalah leaders] kept hassling her for money," says a well-placed source. "Actually, it was mostly her mother's decision. They were always asking Britney to tithe [donate a percentage of her salary]. There was a lot of pressure, and finally her mom said, 'Enough is enough'."

We wouldn't be surprised if Lynn Spears' hand in Britney's divorce from Zohar study was merely a dry run for an even more financially crucial parting-of-the-ways to come—from perpetual tithe-seeking husband, Kevin Federline. Spears' practical and protective mother has a much clearer grasp on the the longterm fiscal ruin that can come from funding her useless husband's weed-fueled Ferrari adventures, to say nothing of the needless expense of stocking drinking water bottled at Kabbalah's exclusive spring source at the foot of Mount Heaven.