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Earlier this month, Teri Hatcher sobbed into Oprah's warm, smothering bosom about how her short-lived, much-photographed relationship with American Idol host Ryan Seacrest ended the moment the photographer he hired to "stumble" upon them kissing uncomfortably gave him the thumbs-up indicating he'd snapped the money shot. Today, Seacrest gives his side of the story in a NY Times article examining the showbiz ubiquity's attempts at empire-building:

Mr. Seacrest blamed his tight schedule and overwhelming media scrutiny of the relationship for his decision to quit Ms. Hatcher. "She's clever," he said. "She's self-deprecating. She's successful. She can pay for dinner. What's wrong? It is strange, but I don't think it was a Teri Hatcher issue. It's a Ryan Seacrest issue."

A relationship will have to wait, he said. For now he's focused on capitalizing on all the opportunities being thrown his way. "You can achieve a lot by hustling now, or you can be lazy and say, 'This is great,' " Mr. Seacrest said. "That is not in my plan."

Bland and ingenuous "It's not neurotic, publicity-happy you, it's suspiciously Mystic-tanned me" excuses aside, Seacrest's hectic schedule would seem to present an obstacle to a relationship with anyone, not just those with undesirable vagina-parts. His career is obviously his priority, and in his rush to establish TV interests lucrative enough to eventually fund a self-contained, 600-acre palace/production facility outside Palm Springs staffed by go-getting, well-muscled associates in official Seacrest Studios loincloths, true love may have to wait a little while.