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Perhaps fueled by reports of his unsuccessful, alleged solicitation of a happy ending from a masseuse, and the auto-administered release that followed, there has been a recent uptick in rumors that Kevin Costner and his wife Christine's marriage will result in a decidedly unhappy ending. Not so, says Costner flack Paul Bloch, who released a carefully (and copiously) worded denial:

Costner rep PAUL BLOCH released the following statement today: "The story is false. They sold their house in Hollywood and they are moving to Santa Barbara. Kevin is on location and Christine is getting the house ready.

"Christine Costner is on her way to Shreveport where Kevin Costner is shooting 'Mr. Brooks.' They'll both then go to Providence, RI for daughter ANNIE's graduation from Brown University. The Costners will then head back to Los Angeles where Kevin will continue to help Christine with the move. After that, Kevin will go back and finish shooting the remaining several weeks of 'Mr. Brooks.'"

Bloch's pile-it-on technique is as effective as any tersely worded statement; by cramming in as many dreary details about the lives of his clients as possible, a glazed-eyed public becomes so bored with the subject, they quickly choose to forget what the topic of the original scandal was in the first place.