It's the Law of Accelerating Buzzwords: The phrase "Web 3.0" is already creeping — no, slamming — into the language like a katana into a bag of coffee beans, spilling all meaning onto the floor. Its scariest high-profile appearance:

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That's from the overview page for the — wait for it — Web 2.0 conference. If Web 2.0 is all about Web 3.0, and 3.0 is all about 4.0, we're gonna have some serious version compatability issues.

Meanwhile, Tim Berners-Lee, who invented the Web, is afraid to say "Web 2.0," which is a danger sign if we've ever seen one. But TB-Lee (say it like J-Lo) gets quoted in an International Herald Tribune piece about this dreaded "Web 3.0." Will the creator get sucked up by the stupidity of the created? Can anyone save TB-Lee from the WWW3? Tune in next week on "Attack of the 3"!

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