How do you surf safely in a cybercafe? The New York Times may think the answer lies in secure Internet connections — and yes, you may want to lay some encryption down before you write your business memos at Ritual Roasters — but the real question San Franciscans are asking is, "Will I get stabbed?"

And the answer is yes.

No, to be honest, San Fran is still a weak-ass safe city where laptop users can gather (a flock of geeks) to pull out their PowerBooks. But the Mission Creek Cafe stabbing of April still haunts everyone's memory — isn't the Mission whiter safer now? — and conversations about it still crop up at parties (including last night's PlayBite demo night).

So just to clear things up: It was Mission Creek Cafe. No one's been stabbed since. And the cafe's taken measures to prevent more stab-and-run jobs. Next week, Valleywag will scout it out, even if it means taking a knife wounds for the good of the readers.

UPDATE: The stab victim isn't white. SAFE FOR NOW, my pasty people! He's second-gen Indian, though, so 90% of the Valley is still in trouble.

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