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The ConFonz eats more than the souls of young booth jockeys. Valleywag's conference correspondent turns his gastronomic distress into a game: Guess the conference luncheons!

A: Moscone sandwiches and Aroma Blend coffee from the nice silver. Eaten in space that felt a bit like dining in an empty blimp hanger.

B: Palace Hotel "free itemn onry!" (Sorry, racism doesn't come across well in type). Three items: Kobe beef sliders, three-pieces-of-lettuce-in-a-cardboard-bucket-with-some-parmaisan-cheese-and-a-cup-of-dressing, mint fruit salad, worms in a chinese bucket, and rice crispy treats. The best part here is watching guys in suits eat Snap Crackle and Pop.

C: Harry Denton's Starlight martini followed by ten minutes of vomiting in the lovely bathroom facilities of room 1602, which the cleaning lady has run screaming from only moments before.

Answers after the jump — RSS readers, shield your eyes!

A: Informatica World

B:'s 5 hour sales pitch

C: JP Morgan Technology Conference