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Nick Carr, long-time flamebaiter turned linkbaiter, declares Wikipedia dead. (No fair pointing at the very live site!) We can't let Nick be the only one gunning for Steve Gillmor's coroner job. So in the interest of upping our own fake authority, here's Valleywag's table of what's wagged, sagged, and body-bagged. Apologies to Wired — that is, we're so very sorry.

Fox Interactive buyoutsCNET buyoutsAOL buyouts
"We're in gamma.""We're in beta.""That's not a bug, that's a feature."
Getting TechCrunchedGetting BoingBoingedGetting press
Kevin RoseMatt HaugheyCowboyNeal
Steve Jobs in NikesSteve Jobs in New BalanceSteve Jobs in sweater vests
CrowdsourcingOutsourcingOpen sourcing

The Death of Wikipedia [Nick Carr]