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Because everyone in Hollywood is a new parent, about to become a parent, or at least biologically capable parenting something, People magazine has decided to spin its celebrity baby scrapbooking service into a seperate venture. You have to admire their genius: upright primates have been breeding for millions of years, but in just five weeks they've declared that babies are HOT right NOW. Next month the mag will hawk a special spin off, creatively titled Celebrity Babies, devoted to the lifestyles of Hollywood parents and keeping you up to speed on this season's sexiest nursing bras. Unfortunately for the people of Namibia, the mag has already closed, meaning that the Jolie-Pitt collaboration won't be featured — but that leaves wide open the possibility for People to mark the birth with a "World's Sexiest Infant" issue.

Memo Pad: Womb to Maneuver [WWD]