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In New York mag's latest Look Book, we're served a helping of Sunhwa Chung, an East Village choreographer who believes that in getting dressed, one needs freedom to express the passion of transforming one's body. This, she says, can be found at a Korean H&M-type store.

For no reason other than the fact that Intern Alexis has an unhealthy obsession with him, we wrangled in Project Runway contestant Andrae Gonzalo to look at this week's Look Book. You may remember Andrae from his shiny bald head, his adorable friendship with Daniel V., his free-flowing tears or his delectable galloping through revolving doors (cue montage). In honor of our quasi-famous-folk coup, we're letting Andrae's answers stand alone.

Andrae Gonzalo, Project Runway 2 contestant

Describe what sort of dance Sunhwa did for Amy Larocca and Jake Chessum.

Well, it started out slow, she was pretty depressed at first, you know, lots of sweeping gestures like a Korean cuddle fish; hunched, with knuckles scraping the floor, legs akimbo, then some convulsive shimmying. This was the point when Jake suggested something a little more elegant, and that's when the spinning started and she got severely overwhelmed with dance passion. This photo was taken right before that, and it is the only one they could salvage. I know this from personal experience because my boyfriend is a dancer/choreographer, and when the dance passion heats up, you put the camera

Nicole Richie called. She wants her sunglasses back. Who would win in a catfight?

Sunhwa wins the fight, naturally. Despite the fact that you'd think Nicole might be genetically predisposed to be "dancing on the ceiling," I think Sunhwa really can. Even in this outfit, you can tell she's got some serious core strength, and a high kick that you don't want to mess with. Yep, my money's on Sunhwa. The bruises on her right ankle are a dead giveaway. I'd say she walks with Ritchie's sunglasses AND her Jimmy Choos.

Where's Andrae?

I'm on Myspace, sending this to her. I think she's one of my 'friends' there. I'm actually a huge fan of contemporary dance. I added her the same day I got friend requests from a Basque sheepherder, a Cambodian contortionist, and "live bait in Memphis." Truth be told, I actually like her style. Chalk it up to madness, or gumption, or maybe just the fact that I know what it's like to wear something colorful because it's practical, and then have images of it discussed ad nauseum on the Internet.