As the Register's Andrew Orlowski flies back to England, it's time to check up on the other trolls of tech — the real journalists, fake journalists, and — ugh — bloggers.

Big fishBig catchLast spotted
Andrew Orlowski, The RegisterGoogle, Wikipedia, and MicrosoftAccused of misquoting Google CEO Eric Schmidt for a "Google in crisis" storyMoving from San Fran to England
John C. Dvorak, PC MagazineMac usersPredicted Apple would adopt Windows. Boot Camp makes him half-right.Co-hosting the TWiT podcast
Mark Pilgrim, Dive into MarkDave WinerInvented the Winer Number abuse tracker and the Winer Watcher retraction trackerNot on Winer's OPML
Chris Coulter, a million little mailing listsRobert ScobleTeamed up with Orlowski in 2002 to mock innocent Microsoft blogger Beth GozaRejected by an ad agency for being "overqualified and too aggressive"
Theo DP, more little mailing listsJeff Bezos, Tim O'ReillyBaited the tech publishing overlord O'Reilly via ValleywagSnickering at O'Reilly's Web 2.0 trademark
ConFonz, Valleywag correspondentLousy conferencesOuted gaming king Will Wright as a non-hand-washerWishing he was already at Gnomedex