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Quick recap:

Media company CMP sent a cease-and-desist to Tom Raftery for holding a "Web 2.0 Conference," claiming that with publisher O'Reilly Media, it co-owns the "Web 2.0" service mark for conferences. Raftery posted the C&D. He noted that publishing magnate Tim O'Reilly himself recently politely declined attending the event. Raftery's conclusion: Tim is a dirty backstabbing money-grubber.

Most bloggers agreed.

Since the last roundup:

  • Raftery calls Cory Doctorow's (surprisingly fair) Boing Boing essay "as I have seen outside of the O'Reilly blog." [Raftery]
  • And then the backlash. Smaller blogger Stubbleblog makes the best point: regardless of the trademark issue, Raftery's kind of being a sensationalist dick. [Stubbleblog]
  • As Stubbleblog notes, the O'Reilly Media blog is scraping comment-troll barnacles off its other posts. [O'Reilly Radar]

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  • HEY EVERYBODY MARC CANTER HAS MORE TO SAY. The Macromedia founder writes that trademarks are no fun: "I have come up with names and concepts - which were trademarked - so I couldn't use them." Marc, that kinda means you didn't come up with them. [Broadband Mechanics]
  • O'Reilly VP Sarah Winge tells the NY Times, "What's a conversation started." Well, more of a spitting contest, but okay. [NYT]
  • Web philosopher Chris Messina, today's designated whipping boy, decides that by taking a cautious stance, Cory Doctorow (who, okay, really IS in Tim O'Reilly's pocket) let Chris down. He also decides that with his post's conclusion, all discussion is over: "And yeah, go ahead, tell me that I'm naive and that's not how business works and blah blah blah ok-you're-boring-me [...] Ok then, case closed." [Chris Messina, FactoryJoe]
  • Just as his 15 minutes wind down, Raftery podcasts with bold-name Web 2.0 investor Jeff Clavier today. Jeff wonders who's interviewing whom. [Jeff Clavier]

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