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• Long Island City's seediest strip club reviewed. [#1HS]
• The only picture of Robocop with a pterodactyl you'll ever need. [Worker # 3116]
• The media may not have been able to solve that whole WMD thing, but, hey, they beat the shit out of Barry Bonds. [ESPN]
• DC Comics' Batwoman returns as a lesbian. Rival Marvel vows to introduce their new superhero, Rugmuncher, who plays acoustic guitar at an independently-owned coffee shop. [BBC]
Slate's major demographic at risk of STDs, apparently. [Slate]
• Unsolicited advice for the New York Press from a blogger. That's pretty much how they make all of their decisions over there anyway. [TIWWDN]
• The 25 worst tech products of all time. This is where we do the self-referential joke. [PC World]