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During his ill-advised diplomatic mission to Wall Street, Steve Ballmer referred to the old "Developers! Developers! Developers!" video. But the Microsoft chief copped out of a good "Investors! Investors! Investors!" Ballmer said:

Some of you may have seen, there's a video that floats around on the Internet in which I run around and jump and scream, and yell about developers, and some such, or I love Microsoft. I have a sore foot today. I'm not only not going to run around and jump, I won't even give you a round of investors, investors, investors.

The tech tabloid Inquirer says Ballmer announced this in "a barely audible roar that must have reached all the way to Queens." The audio link doesn't work in Firefox — it's a Microsoft page, after all — but it sounds like the Inquirer's making the most out of a disappointing non-story about an old fart too tired to entertain investors with his monkey dance.

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