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· Good news! Lisa Turtle isn't all coked up! And she's willing to sue to make sure everyone knows it.
· You've read about the Chosen One, now buy the t-shirt commemorating the place of her birth.
· Our gearheaded brother site Jalopnik is all geeked up over some leaked set pics from the Transformers movie. Michael Bay has hurt us before, so we're holding back our enthusiasm for now.
· If the photos of a clean-cut K-Fed weren't enough to chill your soul, try the images at Catlebrity on for size. We're convinced the one of Paris Hilton is what we'll see before we die.
· A starting bid of just under $1,000 gets you a shot at winning a real Britney Spears wedding invitation. But why not wait a while and see how much longer the marriage lasts before dropping a grand?