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A reader just can't take it any more, seeing the same faces in the D Conference photo series as they saw in all the other conference shots.

Please do us all a favor and write an expose of the dreaded Conference Hags. There they were in your latest entry. Esther Dyson [pictured], Mitch Kapor. I'm sure Stewart Alsop was there as well.

A study of Flickr photos from conferences each week will reveal these knuckleheads as the Zeligs of the Web/Techie/CoolNewHipNow conference scene.

I don't go to that many conferences each year, but these three Conference Hags are ALWAYS there.

Do they have nothing better to do? Worse, they bust in on conversations and comment like they are the only ones that have a correct opinion. Shut up, already. And find something better to do.

But isn't it better to think of these "conference hags" as jetsetting cool-hunters whose presence validates a conference?

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