As we briefly noted in yesterday's To Do list, former action star and current energy drink magnate Steven Seagal and backing band Thunderbox played The El Rey last night. We imagine the crowd (no, we didn't attend, but don't the photos tell the whole story?) was enraptured by Seagal's blistering—yet searingly bluesy—renditions of his modern classics, "Even Harder To Kill," "Still Above The Law," and "Rocked for Death."* At the very least, the purple-kimonoed (tunicked?) Seagal surely redefined the term "guitar face" for a new generation of fans of the exploding fading-actor-side-project musical genre.

[*We don't know why we bothered making up song titles when actual examples like "Talk To My Ass," "Alligator Ass," and "Dust My Broom" were available. ]

[Photos: WENN]