In today's most excruciatingly obvious news, a scan of former WWD staffer Peter Braunstein's brain has revealed that — surprise! — he's mental. Images reveal that Braunstein has frontal lobe deficiencies consistent with schizophrenia, which should help his legal team bolster his insanity defense. So sayeth the expert:

"As a result of his mental illness and its associated brain pathology, Mr. Braunstein suffered from psychotic breaks with reality, a systematized paranoid delusion and compromised ability to control his impulses," psychologist Barbara Kirwin found.

So now we can confirm that a man who dressed as a firefighter and then molested a former co-worker is, in fact, nutters. Behold the wonders and revelations of modern neuropsychology.

Doc Looks in Braunstein's Brain, Sees Psycho [NYDN]