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As announced yesterday, Valleywag holds its first Web Infinity Plus One Conference next Thursday night. The venue is San Francisco's favorite blogger bar, the House of Shields.

Keeping in the true spirit of blogging, Web I+1 is a SloshCon — if you're drinking that night, you can't be on stage without a glass of booze in your hand. Easy to do, thanks to the open bar.

And we want speakers. That's right — we want you to come drink our alcohol and yell at people from a stage!


So if you have something to say about the Web, the Singularity, how the robots will destroy us all, or how to flip a startup before you even start it, tell Just list your name, your subject, and anything witty that crosses your mind. (Debate teams are welcome.)

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Photo: Frank Chu and Prince Charles [Thomas Hawk on Flickr]