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Brett Ratner, newly crowned King of Hollywood, has mixed feelings about yanking idol Steven Spielberg from his box office throne and defenestrating him from the nearest palace window. Ratner "gamely attempted humility" about X-Men: The Last Stand's success in a chat with NY Daily News JV gossip Lloyd Grove, but we think you already know how his stab at sounding humble turned out:

"I feel sort of guilty, because I look up to guys like Spielberg, and I beat every record of his," the 37-year-old Ratner crowed - quietly and in good taste.

Steven Spielberg's 1997 sequel, "The Lost World: Jurassic Park," held the previous record of $92.7 million.

"He's like my idol," Ratner said. "Biggest Memorial Day opening in history - so that feels good."

Ratner was also basking in the afterglow of his reception at the Cannes Film Festival. "I walked in with Halle Berry. Everyone is in black tie, and they say, 'Eeetz Brett Ratner!' and everyone stands up and claps for you as you walk in. For a filmmaker, I don't think there's anything better. Other than maybe winning an award."

Sure, awards would be nice, but who needs the recognition of critics and peers when he's crushed "every record" of his hero by the tender age of 37 and already basked in the comically accented worship of the tuxedoed French? Standing at the edge of the Cannes red carpet and ignoring the quiet snorts of Eee theenks we're actually cheering for eeeem! Silleee sillee leetle man!, Ratner saw the breadth of his domain, and he wept for there were no more hacky worlds to conquer.