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Defamer is committed to bringing together ambitious, young go-getters comfortable with the idea of trading sexual favors for advancement in the entertainment industry with anonymous, Craigslist-trolling executives too cheap to hire out a pro for a lunchtime blowjob. Prepare to fulfill all of your Tinseltown dreams:

REAL EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT POSITION I am seeking an Executive Assistant. We are a film finance and production company. We do NOT do porn. We finance and produce mainstream films. I am seeking an assistant that I can take under my wing and train her in every aspect of the film industry. After a year she will be moved to a VP position supporting my own. I am looking for someone ambitious, smart, sexy, strong and discreet. THIS IS AN ACTUAL POSITION! The job carries a salary, bonuses paid quarterly, full medical, paid vacations and some expenses. I am posting in the adult section for a reason, and YOU KNOW WHY!! You must be absolutely secure with that. Please send a resume with a photograph of your self and a short paragraph on how you would make my day easier.

We should disclose our doubts about this potential employer's value in advancing your career. This is not an industry for those afraid to ask for what they want, and if the best he can do is meekly wink that "you know why!" he's posting for office help in the adult section, how far is he going to take you in Hollywood? Give some thought to that question before you start agonizing over the perfect wording of an explanation of how a quickie in the copy room really clears one's head before a pitch meeting.