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· In describing whom her studio hopes to draw to The Break-Up's opening weekend, Universal distribution executive Nikki Rocco inadvertently confirms our suspicion that there is no such thing as "a Jennifer Aniston movie fan": "I would hope we could get the Vince Vaughn fans as well as the romantic comedy audience." [Variety]
· Winona Ryder reunites with Heathers writer Daniel Waters for his Sex and Death 101, news that just made us fondly remember how important the phrase "fuck me gently with a chainsaw" was to our teenage life. [THR]
· This information means nothing to us, but we pass it along anyone because somebody probably finds it important: Don Ienner and Michele Anthony leave posts as heads of Sony Music, bringing to an end the reign of the "longest running management partnership in music." [Variety]
· Katie Couric boldly predicts an end to the "pretentious era" in the network evening news, which she will usher out by conducting her entire CBS Nightly News broadcast dressed in a bathrobe and reclining on a sofa. [THR]
· Casey Affleck does his best to keep his big brother working in Hollywood, throwing Ben his animated family film script Aardvark Art's Ark to executive produce. [Variety]