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Gawker Media editors appreciate a good snarky nerdfight. So imagine our surprise when one shows up on the front door. WordPress creator Matt Mullenweg (pictured) and Freewebs president Shervin Pishevar snipe at one another in the comment thread for a post about Shervin.

First, Matt gets trolly and attacks Shervin for something unrelated to the post:

Freewebs hosts an extraordinary amount of spam. It's used a lot by comment spammers.

Shervin darts back:

hmmm..Matt, I guess I could say the same thing for Wordpress?…

I think Shi Tao being jailed by Yahoo for simply sending an email eclipses attacking one's competitors in this forum. But maybe I'm wrong.


Freewebs president says, "Boycott Yahoo!" [Valleywag]
Photo: Matt Mullenweg [Buzz Andersen on Flickr]