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Will the Pinko Marketer get deported?

As predicted here, Riya marketer Tara Hunt left the photo-sharing startup after nine months of aggravating the engineers and belittling their marketing attempts — a skill Valleywag commends her for. The exit is no surprise to those around her — Tara is worth watching not for her Riya job (has she ever told you about Riya?), but for her solo work promoting "Pinko Marketing" — her rebranded Cluetrain Manifesto school of marketing. That's the sort of stuff that gets a speaker on the conference gravy train for life.

But what happens to Tara now? After all, she's an alien with a work visa. Will a self-employed position as "consultant and marketing visionary" keep her from getting booted back to Canada?

Tara hasn't publicly blogged her exit yet (though this bio makes it pretty obvious), so who knows if she'll mention the other dirty secret — a few tipsters think she was fired. Chances are this was one of those shoulda-seen-it-coming mutual break-ups. Good luck to Tara, and wherever she takes Pinko Marketing, Valleywag looks forward to pettily mocking it.

UPDATE: Tara confirms at her blog.

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