Salacious dot-com two-fer: Stalkerati and

In case you didn't catch it last week, Jared Kim recently threw together a B2C (business-to-creep) search tool, Stalkerati. Sez Jared:

I hope to eliminate the hassle of going to 4-5 sites to find information/check out/cyberstalk/[insert excuse for cyberstalking here] on someone. Be honest, you know you have Google/MySpace/Friendster-ed at least one of your friends?

For instance, TechCrunch Web 2.0 pundit Michael Arrington lists himself as in a relationship in Manhattan Beach on Friendster. (He's in Atherton now, and rumor is he's single, ladies.)

And this weekend, SuperHappyDevHouse founder David Weekly cooked up a nifty tool at SHDH #10. tracks anyone's MySpace "single" or "in a relationship" status. For extra fun, track two friends who might break up, and see who rushes to MySpace first!


Stalkerati [Official site] [Official site]