[UPDATE: Aaaaaaand I'm a dick. The schwag is safe and sound with a friend, to whom I accidentally sent both my gift package and my own package.]

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Valleyschwag pissed me off.

Not because the schwag-of-the-month club isn't giving Valleywag kickbacks for adapting our clever name (it isn't) and not because the actual schwag package isn't awesome (it is, judging by excited reviews by grateful schwag recipients like this and this and this and this).

But I wouldn't know whether the May schwag is any good. Because despite living fewer than five miles from Valleyschwag's home in the Rubyred Labs office — and despite being subscriber #1 — three days into June, I still haven't gotten my May package.

Sure, it's a long process wrapping up the schwackages, but if some goof already eBayed her package, shouldn't my schwag have made it down Market Street to my door by now?

Where's the love, Valleyschwag? Where's the love?

Valleyschwag [Official site]