The evil promotional procession of The Omen's instantly recognizable triple sixes etched into the sky above Fox's Century City lot late yesterday (see included photo, sent in by a reader who just knocked a millennium off his purgatory sentence) by the studio's infernal biplanes was merely the first stage of their airborne marketing blitz. Another operative informs us that Fox's airborne, fork-tailed terror squad continued down to Anaheim, briefly turning the Magic Kingdom into the Most Satanic Place on Earth:

"The 6-6-06 skywriter did his thing over Disneyland [yesterday]. DISNEYLAND. People's reactions were hilarious. One woman even broke out a full-sized Bible. Icing on the cake: the skywriter messed up the dashes, cutting through the first two sixes. I personally found this to be the best attraction of the day!"

It's clear that now Fox has entered into a pact with the Dark Lord (one more diabolical than even Rupert Murdoch himself), there is no temple they won't desecrate to further their nefarious ends.