The New Museum Building at 158 Mercer is fast becoming the well-heeled hotness and, perhaps, the official obsession of the Observer's real estate gang. Last week, the news was that Saturday Night Live producer Marci Klein was moving into an 11th floor unit, purchased for $10 million by a three-person trust including David Geffen. Today the Observer reports that one floor beneath, petite hotelier Andre Balazs is selling his 3,800-square-foot spread for $10 million. And on the 9th floor, there's a unit going for $9.15 million.

But that's not enough for the CorcoDevils. They're trying to sell the 9th and 10th floor units together for $19.15 million, creating a 8,100 square foot pleasure palace. It'd be one of the biggest apartments downtown, but it still wouldn't trump Rupert Murdoch's old 9,300-square-foot triplex, which is now occupied by designer Elie Tahari.

If the buzz continues apace, surely someone will take the pricey bait. But who? Do we have any appropriately hip billionaires anymore?

(For kicks, please, please let it be Ron Burkle.)

UPDATE: A realty-knowing reader informs us that the 9th floor unit has sold, dashing everyone's dreams of the world's most magnificent duplex.

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