Re-educate yourself with this morning's Valleyspeak lesson. Ten points every time you use one in a sentence!

  • Premature geolocation: Unasked-for proliferation of location-aware services such as Dodgeball, Plazes, Meetro, Placesite, Platial, and porn banner ads ("Find hot chicks in SAN MATEO")
  • Evil: A social construct transcended by the ubermensch, who constructs his own morality and, through the will of power, imposes it on humanity. Sources: Nihilist Friedrich Nietzsche and Google co-founder Sergey Brin
  • Skeptimistic: Waffling in a review, unwilling to trash a product (lest the launch goes huge and the reviewer doesn't get invited to the IPO party), but unwilling to extol it (to keep the competition inviting the reviewer to their parties). TechCrunch editor Michael Arrington (the Skeptimystic) is running out of skeptimism and has lately delegated reviews to newer, more ambivalent writers.