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• Two mannequins, decked out in rainbows and placed next to a gay pride events calendar, are removed the windows of a Boston Macy's after an organized campaign of complaints. Seriously? In 2006? Is this really happening? [Consumerist]
• A journalist tells of how Russell Crowe befriended him and tried to make him into his "stooge." We'd tell you more, but it's 13 fucking pages long and we didn't get very far. [SMH]
• Unsurprisingly, the managing director of Cristal is less than thrilled with the brand's association with blingy rappers. [AllHipHop]
• For your enjoyment, one man's compelling crusade to rescue his lady's Sidekick, left in a taxi, from a young girl who refuses to return it. We've all kind of been there, but we doubt many of you have taken it this far. [EvanWasHere]
• So if we were to express how we'd like to wrap W. in plastic tarp and flog him in the face with a dead monkey's diaper, what would happen to us? [Harper's]
• TiVo will be launching a service to bring web video to television sets — so you NEVER GET AWAY FROM THE INTERNET. [WSJ]