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There's a rumor going 'round that lots of reporters are reading blogs. So apropos of nothing (and because it's the middle of the afternoon and I'm drinking at the House of Shields), the Valley journo circuit needs new rules from now on.

  • All headlines about Yahoo must start with "Yahoo for..." If Yahoo ever gets involved in Cocoa Puffs, this will be the best headline ever.
  • Every response to a TechCrunch review by Michael Arrington must say "Mikey likes it!" This is regardless of whether Mikey likes whatever's being discussed.
  • Drinking game! Every time ZDNet columnist and entrepreneur Steve Gillmor (pictured here disturbingly sober) says "attention" (hint: as often as Keanu Reeves says "whoa"), take a shot. Version for teetotallers: Drink every time Steve makes sense.
  • More articles about about Google's Sergey Brin getting snubbed.
  • More puff pieces about young men starting companies! Barely legal boys! Barely legal boys! (Starting to realize why male Valley journalists don't get laid?)