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  • Anything, anything but calling them "vlogs!" A chat where every line is as good as: "i'm so addicted to video journals, i've got vournal disease" [jaschu's record]
  • Craigslist gets Cox-blocked. (Heehee! Cox!) [Silicon Valley Watcher]
  • Michael Arrington is sick and tired of those giddy Google worshippers. "What drives this kind of blind enthusiasm? When is the last time Google released a product that really changed our lives?" Yeah, startups do all the life-changing stuff, like a news service for MySpace's teenage userbase! [TechCrunch]
  • It's slicker, it's eight-bittier, it's a little more emasculating — underrated fake-friends site Consumating just took the bandages off its facelift. [Consumating]
  • Apparently, which was coded over the weekend with no intention of actually getting attention, is now a zeitgeist of our stalkeresque society. [WebProNews]