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Well, hello there! People's Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt issue hits the newsstands tomorrow, and the local tabs are on those pictures like stink on baby shit. Because they're wily, the Daily News doesn't have the picture online — so clever, making us buy the paper so we can see this mysterious baby everyone's talking about.

People's managing editor Larry Hackett was just on the Today show to plug the issue — as if he needed to — but refused to reveal how much they paid for the pictures. About the leaked photos, Hackett said, "We'll challenge people who put them up illegally. This is not finders keepers." So why, then, asks Matt Lauer, would you allow a handful of pictures to be reprinted in the local papers? Won't that hurt People's newsstand sales? "If you go to a restaurant and have an appetizer, you have dinner afterwards." Touche. And so the world continues to dine on fresh baby meat.

Braddy's Girl [NYP]
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