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While we'd still like to think Not-a-Mover's impressions of the Hearst staff are accurate, we've now been disabused of his notion that Rodale provides its employees with a granola-and-vodka-filled shangri-la of an office. This just in from an anonymous Rodalite:

The digs at Rodale are by no means "cushy". Quite the contrary — offices are on the interior for the most part, the size of a bathroom stall, without windows, and with sliding doors. Metal file cabinets aren't as nice as ones you'd buy at Staples. They're reminiscent of jail cells at best. Cubes are on top of one another. There is not enough room for two people to walk next to one another in the walkways, as everyone is piled up on top of one another. This is what we waited for, our great new living situation. Thirty people or more share printers and fax. This ain't Conde or Hearst. BUT — we do have a Yoga studio. Guess you would need it since everything else is anti-zen.

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Oh, and I have never seen a single bottle of beer or Vodka — healthy snacks, yes. But we have no cafeteria, so they throw us a banana or two and some granola. Considering how depressing the layout of the floor us, I'd much prefer the vodka.

But, hey, you do get the incomparable pleasure of working with Dave Zinczenko. That's got to be worth something, right?

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