Paris Hilton Too Rich, Beautiful To Care About Car She Hit

Not a day after we noted blank-brained heiress Paris Hilton's propensity for occupying the handicapped spot outside Matt Leinart's apartment complex, comes this stultifying footage from of Hilton hitting a car with her Range Rover in a Robertson Blvd. parking structure, then peeling off as cameras captured the entire event:

After loading her shopping bags into the trunk of her Range Rover, Hilton says good-bye to Kardashian and starts to back out of the parking spot without her seat belt on — another violation of law.

Hilton checks her mirrors and looks around, but apparently doesn't notice the parked Honda Civic behind her and slams into the bumper, causing damage to both vehicles.

Hilton then exits the public parking structure without leaving a note with her contact information, which is a misdemeanor under California law, punishable by as much as six months in jail.

If our count is correct, that would make this the second time Hilton has been caught on tape committing a crime involving her gas-guzzling, silver skankmobile in one week. (Remember those hand-rolled "tobacco cigarettes?") Even worse, the paparazzi were so occupied with the blemished Honda, they failed to capture what happened next: In her haste to flee the scene of the crime, Hilton unwittingly mowed over a small group of visiting, teenage Japanese girls on a Beverly Hills shopping excursion. Ignoring the somewhat bumpy ride home, Hilton only realized her latest gaffe when she stepped out of the SUV and noticed one of the ill-fated Harajukus completely wrapped around the rear, passenger side wheel.