PC Magazine columnist and veteran tech pundit John C Dvorak explains his Mac-fan baiting method in this video by Dave Winer. The best part isn't Dvorak admitting that he writes like a weasel (duh), nor that he's saying all this in the San Fran Apple store. It's cameraman Dave Winer asking "what the point" is.

Dave, Dave, hasn't blogging taught you anything? The point is: In ad-funded publishing, there's no such thing as bad pageviews.

Found this out-of-synch YouTube vid on Slashdot, where the commenters are riffing with Apple store elevator jokes. "An elevator with the Mac UI would have just one button "THERE". I mean, after all, I'm already HERE."

Dvorak admits to trolling Mac users [Scripting.com via Slashdot]