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So yeah, as you probably didn't hear because, unlike all these bloggers, you have a life — Microsoft blogger and apologist Robert Scoble just quit Microsoft to work for John Furrier's Podtech podcast network.

Oh, that's okay, no one else has heard of Podtech either. Right now, despite a recent ill-advised VC investment of millions, Podtech's biggest asset is Scoble himself.

Anyway, the Internet abhors a vacuum, so Scoble needs a successor — an heir who can schmooze at conferences, feed Internet trolls, sell a book about open conversation, and run a blog with closed conversation.

We'll run an election this week, so here are the nominees for the ballot:

  • Niall Kennedy, recently emigrated from Technorati to Microsoft, who brings his own healthy little blog following.
  • RoboScoble, an automated Scoble built by Niall (which'll be a blast once the URL starts working).
  • Chris Coulter, the dark horse candidate best known for insulting Scoble in the comments for each of his blog posts.
  • Dave Winer, a blogger with little to no relevant expertise, but that's never stopped him before.
  • Clippy.

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