The Times takes a look at last week's Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt debacle, in which evil, lawless websites like this one posted Hello! magazine's "inexplicably" leaked, multimillion-dollar cover image of the world's most important child. Says People managing editor Larry Hackett:

Mr. Hackett conceded that all of the reproductions of the photographs might increase interest in the magazine. "I must confess, I think it helps," he said. "Clearly, the blogs have betrayed a huge amount of interest in these photographs and people want to see them."

After countless hours spent bickering with Time Inc.'s Dickensian counsel Nick Jollymore, this is what we get. For once, we let ourselves go, allowing our loins to be melted by a man's cotton velvet coattails and gold monocle — only to find that our hearts were manipulated in a clever ruse. And you wonder why we're always so bitter.

In Web Era, Big Money Can't Buy an Exclusive [NYT]
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