WWD reports today that AMI editorial director Bonnie Fuller's juicy contract expires at the end of the month and has not yet been renewed. With AMI pinching pennies to the tune of sacking 5 Star staffers last week, some believe that there's no way in hell AMI chairman David Pecker will renew Fuller's contract for the $1.5 million she currently receives. In fact, Star's lackluster circulation has Pecker wanting to reduce her salary by much too much too much, dropping her Bonnie back down to the six-figure barracks:

"I can't believe she'd stay for that," countered an associate of Fuller's. Even assuming other portions of her package were restructured to make up for the salary reduction, he added, "At the end of the day, it's a slap in the face."

A slap like, say, canning your former assistant and current events editor who'd been with you since you came to AMI? Would it sting kind of like that?

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