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Thanks to all sorts of non-disclosure agreements, we can't confirm much of anything, but the two youngsters pictured above may be 2 of the aspiring journalists starring in Rolling Stone's reality show for MTV. The young lady is Krys Jagger, a young 20-something from Monterey, California who's written for various papers in the area and, best as we can tell, aspires to dress like Sienna Miller. The fellow is 25-year-old Russell Morse from San Francisco, who describes himself as a "dirtbag journalist" and enjoys posting pictures from Columbine on his MySpace page. If they are, in fact, on the show (and, as always, we could be painfully wrong), they should be arriving at the Wenner offices later this week. Try and make them feel welcome — they've got a rough gig ahead of them as Jann's vanity slaves.

Other gossip related to the show: there might only be a handful of contestants, perhaps less than 12, and they won't be living together in an overly hip ikea-sponsored loft, a la Real World. Instead, they'll be living in apartments, more or less separately, just like real impoverished journalists. Except their studios probably won't be sprinkled with mouse shit.

Krys Jagger [MySpace]
Roscoe P. [MySpace]
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