William Weld Will Teach You To Crash and Burn

The News' Ben Smith takes note of the following event:

WILLIAM WELD TO DELIVER HIS FIRST PUBLIC SPEECH, "SECRETS OF MY CAMPAIGN," AT BROWNSTONE REPUBLICAN CLUB DINNER June 8, 2006—William F. Weld, who recently withdrew from the Republican race for Governor of New York, will deliver his first public speech this Tuesday, June 13, at the Brownstone Republican Club's Annual Awards Dinner. Governor Weld has entitled his speech "Secrets of My Campaign." It promises to be a revealing and newsworthy glimpse into the inner workings of Republican politics in New York.

Now, it's all well and good to mock a speech giving away the secrets to a campaign that proved to be the New York's most embarrassing political foray since that of Pierre Rinfret, but when you look at the speeches of some other Empire State notables, a distinct pattern emerges:

Senator Chuck Schumer, "'You've Already Taken My Picture': Allowing Your Colleagues to Share in the Publicity"


Senator Hillary (!) Clinton: "Standing Firm: How To Take a Position and Stick With It"


Governor George Pataki: "Iowhat? Putting Your State Before Your Presidential Ambitions"

Former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani: "The Virtues of Discourse: A Guide to Civility and Mutual Respect"

State Senator Ada L. Smith: "Light and Sweet: How to Talk So Your Staff Will Listen and Listen So Your Staff Will Talk"

What Not to Do [NYDN]