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Some people can't let up on AOL exec Jason Calacanis. Readers are begging for a mention of the Weblogs, Inc. founder's appearance on major podcast This Week in Tech. (One TWiT commenter wrote, "Keep that flaming drama queen off your show.") So here, instead of wasting over an hour listening, read these hastily scribbled Valleywag show notes. (If you really must hear, here's the mp3.

5:30: Cranky pundit John C. Dvorak brings up that old cat vs. ceiling fan video. Cute, Dvorak, but as old as "America's Funniest Home Videos."
11:50: Rocketboom creator Andrew Baron says that vlogging frees us from watching just a few movies and TV shows. Because of vlogging — "now we get to see a lot of sucky stuff," says Dvorak.
14:00-20:00: Skip it, unless you're really into defining the word "vlog." Feel the bored pain in Dvorak's voice.
23:00: Calacanis makes a funny — "Oh, it was on Techmeme and Digg, so it must be true!" Is this what everyone calls obnoxious? Or are they mad because Jason's right?

28:00: Talk soup.
30:00: Andrew Baron doesn't understand polls. God, Andrew, not to be mean, but if you don't have anything to add...
33:00: Old-school blogger Dave Winer gets on stage and goes zero-to-self-obsessed in 30 seconds.
40:00: Thank God, they brought in the ninja. Unfortunately, they make him share the stage with the eight talking heads. Come to think of it, instead of listening to this, watch Ask a Ninja.
48:30: Jason's idea of the best job ever is working in underwear. Little known fact: Jason's heros are all underwear models.
54:00: Aw, shout-out to the boss. Thanks, Andy Baron.
55:00: Andy talks about ads in Rocketboom. Hey, remember when part of the indie-ness of the Internet was that no one had to sell out and stuff the content full of ads? Good times.
57:00: Jason to Andy about Rocketboom: "Just because you're first doesn't mean you'll be the best." Does Andy have a second show? Yep, he just launched a kids' show.
59:00: Skip the rest. Skip everything before now too.

Conclusion 1: On this show, Calacanis is more smart than annoying.
Conclusion 2: Can we just get Calacanis and John C. Dvorak in a room? Call it TWiT: Witty troll edition.

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